The Betscryptos team is committed to its work and providing information services to its users. Accordingly, users must respect the platform and comply with its rules, behaviour conditions, handling of information, and interaction with other users and the platform’s administration.

Below is the primary set of rules and conditions for using the Betscryptos platform:

  • Rules for behaviour on the Betscryptos website.
  • Terms and conditions for using the Betscryptos portal.
  • Rules for interaction with other participants.
  • Conditions and rules for commenting.
  • Rules and conditions for disclosing/not disclosing information.

Users are reminded that they are required to familiarize themselves with, accept, and follow the rules. In the event of a violation of one or more rules, the website administration has the right to suspend (block the user) for a certain period or apply disciplinary measures.

Terms & Conditions

Agreeing to Betscryptos Terms

Users must read and accept the terms of the user agreement, including Betscryptos’s terms of service. They may refuse, but then they will not have access to all the platform’s functionality and materials, and they will not be able to receive notifications, alerts, or marketing mailings.

By accepting the terms of the Betscryptos site, you, as a user, confirm your agreement with these rules and undertake to comply with them. If you disagree with any points of these terms, you should refrain from using the site.

Acceptance of Terms

Visiting and using our site automatically means you agree with our terms of service. Accepting the terms means that as a user, you take all the terms of use set out here, including any future changes or additions. Your agreement is legally binding, and we recommend carefully reading these terms.

If you violate the rules and conditions of staying on the Betscryptos site in the future, you will be subject to various restrictions. Depending on the type of violation and its seriousness, restrictions may vary, ranging from warnings to blocks or legal actions.

Changes to Terms

The Betscryptos website administration reserves the right to change or supplement the terms of service provision without prior notice to users. All changes become effective immediately after publication on the site or the specified date, depending on the conditions and changes made. We recommend that Betscryptos users regularly review this section to be aware of any changes. Continuing to use the site after changes have been made means you agree with the updated terms.

Some changes and conditions are accompanied by a warning or email notification. To be aware of events and changes, we advise subscribing to Betscryptos notifications.

Terms & Conditions 100%

User Behavior

User behavior on the Betscryptos site is regulated by several rules that cannot be violated after the user consents to the rules and conditions of behavior on the Betscryptos platform. Remember that your behavior must comply with the rules, policies, and values of the Betscryptos company. All points will be described in the sections below.

Responsible Use

Each user of the Betscryptos site is fully responsible for their actions while using the site’s resources. Users are required to:

  • Use information from the site concerning the rights of other users and third parties.
  • Do not disseminate false or distorted information.
  • Adhere to ethical norms and standards of behavior on the internet.

Prohibited Actions

Please refrain from the following actions. Otherwise, they may lead to temporary restrictions or indefinite account blocks:

  • Dissemination of malware, spam, phishing messages, and other malicious actions.
  • Using the site for illegal activities, including copyright infringement.
  • Publication of offensive, indecent, or discriminatory materials, materials that incite hatred based on gender, race, or religion.
  • Violation of confidentiality and publication of personal information without the consent of other users.

It is prohibited to publish links and content from third parties or any other sources contradicting the Betscryptos site’s security policy and our users on the Betscryptos website.

The Betscryptos site may contain links to third-party resources. We strive to choose reliable and verified sources. However, we are not responsible for the content of external sites nor changes in their policies and terms of use. Transition to external links is at your own risk. We recommend that you carefully read third-party websites’ terms of use and privacy policy.

Disclaimer for Content

We do everything to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and relevance of the information on our site. However, we do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of all data. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred from using or relying on the information provided on the site. Remember that the information on casino sites from our reviews may change faster than we can update it on Betscryptos. Be careful and always double-check the reliability of the information yourself.

Privacy Policy

Below are the fundamental rules and aspects of the Betscryptos platform’s privacy policy. We strongly recommend that users familiarize themselves with them carefully and follow them in the future to avoid problems.

Data Collection and Use

We take your data privacy seriously. The following information may be collected on our site:

  • Personal data provided by you voluntarily (for example, during registration).
  • Technical information includes IP address, browser type, and operating system.
  • Information about your interaction with the site is collected through cookies.

The collection, analysis, and subsequent processing of user data are used exclusively to improve our interaction with the audience and the quality of content and services we provide to visitors.

When you accept the user agreement terms, you are automatically permitted to collect, process, and analyze your data, which you indicate on the Betscryptos site.

Security Measures

The Betscryptos team uses various technological and procedural security measures to protect the collected information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We do everything to ensure that user data remains intact and secure.

Site Availability and Disclaimers

We strive to ensure the uninterrupted operation of our site. However, we cannot guarantee 100% availability. Access to the site may be temporarily restricted due to technical maintenance, failures, or other problems. We are not responsible for any losses incurred due to the site’s unavailability or its functions.

Service Interruptions

We reserve the right to temporarily interrupt service on our site for technical maintenance, updates, or other reasons. Betscryptos strives to minimize users’ inconvenience by informing them in advance about planned work; however, in cases of urgent need, such interruptions may be introduced without prior notice on the site or in the form of an email newsletter.

Terms & Conditions betscryptos

Disclaimer of Warranties

We provide our site and all related services “as is” without express or implied warranties. This means that we do not guarantee the site’s continuous operation, its security, or the complete absence of errors in the provided content. If there are any technical problems, the Betscryptos administration guarantees their correction as soon as possible.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall the website administration be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental damages, lost profits, or any other losses incurred due to using or the inability to use the site and its content. The Betscryptos administration is not responsible for users violating the rules and conditions of using the Betscryptos site online.

General Provisions

The full text of the user agreement can be read via the link or requested from the site administration in a personal form. The administration can send the link or the text file to the email attached to the user’s account. Below are the key provisions.

Governing Legislation

All issues related to the use of the Betscryptos site are governed by the legislation of the country in which the site is registered. In the event of disputes, the parties strive to resolve them through negotiations and, if necessary, by the current legislation. We comply with the country’s legislation and do not violate it with our actions. We cooperate with government bodies in case of conflicts or illegal actions by users. In conflict situations involving government bodies, we have the right to disclose user information after receiving an official request.

Full Agreement

These terms of service constitute the entire agreement between the user and the site administration regarding the use of the site. Any previous agreements, correspondence, oral or written promises related to using the site become null and void. You can read the full text of the user agreement via the link.

Disclosure of Information About Affiliates

Betscryptos is an independent site that reviews online casinos, poker rooms, and other platforms related to gambling or other gaming activities. It cooperates with partners and participates in affiliate promotions and programs. All materials related to partners or their products are marked with a particular element so that users know it.

Partnership Transparency

Our site maintains high transparency in relationships with affiliates and affiliate programs. We strive to inform our users that some links on our site may be affiliates, and we may receive a commission for purchases or actions made through such links. This does not affect our evaluation or review of offers but helps support the operation of our site.

All sponsorship programs aim only to fund staff, improve user experience, and not mislead users for personal gain.

Influence on Reviews and Recommendations

Our company, Betscryptos, has its partners with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. Despite the presence of affiliate relationships, Betscryptos’s team (including the administration) guarantees that this does not affect the objectivity, independence, and reliability of our reviews and recommendations. All reviews and recommendations are based on a thorough analysis and the experience of our experts. We strive to provide our users with only current and verified information to help them make an informed decision.