We are BetsCryptos, a project that has taken on the role of a herald in the gambling world. Our team has always advocated legalizing casinos, poker rooms, and table games. We’ll tell you everything about the casino world:

  • Games.
  • Latest updates.
  • Promotions reviews.
  • Bonus reviews.
  • Tutorials and guides.
  • Features of various online casinos.
  • Provide valuable tips and recommendations.

Our History

The BetsCryptos project concept was born in 2017. At that time, gambling wasn’t as popular, and there weren’t many legal platforms. There were two of us, and we had been working in the gambling industry for four years already: a project manager and the head of the marketing department. We’ve seen a lot of deceit from partners, illegal platforms, and many industry problems. Most casinos and poker rooms operate outside the law and without licenses. 

Despite this, we believed that sooner or later, gambling would become accessible to the majority of users. And that moment has come. Today, most platforms operate under a license; some even obtain several accreditations. Players face fewer concerns with withdrawals and taxes, and all civilized countries have long legalized online casinos and are collecting taxes.

The Story of Our Site

Why BetsCryptos? And how did we come up with such a name? Yes, we wanted to start earlier, but we only entered the market now due to circumstances. We don’t want to be like others; we want to stand out. Various authoritative platforms on the internet already specialize in gambling news, poker, and tournaments. 

We analyzed and valued the trends of recent years and highlighted one crucial thing – cryptocurrency. More and more casinos are beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments for deposit replenishment. Is this bad? No, because cryptocurrency has become as widespread as ever before. 

Despite its popularity, many still need to understand its operation’s mechanisms and principles fully. That’s why we decided to take responsibility for reviewing, evaluating, and giving feedback on crypto-casinos.

Why You Should Trust Us

  1. We play an open game: everything you see can be personally verified. If we write that a casino has a license, you can personally verify this.
  2. We regularly update content to deliver only relevant data.
  3. We are not sponsored by casinos or well-known brands. Everything we do is for the sake of the idea and the development of the gambling sector.
  4. You can always read other players’ and users’ reviews of our work.

Our Editorial Approach

Truth, facts, and relevance. We pay due attention to these three indicators and write only the truth, whatever it may be. Truth and transparency allow the gambling sector to grow and develop.

Due to the large number of casino brands on the market, competition for each gambler is created. Casinos must consider their decency and honesty; otherwise, their incompetence will be exposed, and they will lose gamblers. Today, luring a player with a “pretty picture” won’t work. Thanks to us and similar review resources, gamblers have an accurate idea of the services and the quality of their work.

We regularly update all the platform information, from adding registration methods to bonuses to the emergence of new withdrawal methods.

What Makes Us Unique

  1. A team of young idealistic enthusiasts who have spent many years in the world of gambling.
  2. The desire to contribute to the formation of the gaming community.
  3. The desire to combat illegal gambling so that society forever forgets that gambling and casinos can deceive a player.
  4. We do not delete negative comments or complaints because we want transparency and trust from the community.
  5. We have no sponsors from casinos or brands related to gambling or the gambling industry. We want to remain unbiased and independent.
888 Casino Review 2024: Is It Legit? - photo N:8
888 Casino Review 2024: Is It Legit? - photo N:9

Our Goal

  1. We are for honesty. We advocate that players receive truthful and reliable information about the casino’s operation in every aspect: from registration to verification and withdrawal of funds, from playing through bonuses.
  2. We are for legal, accessible gambling. All the casinos in our reviews have an active license from renowned licensors. Every user can check the license number in the licensors’ registries and be assured of this.
  3. We are for forming an informed community. That’s why, in our comments, players can communicate with each other, share achievements, and rejoice in victories. They can also leave their complaints and questions about the operation of platforms.


What is the Purpose of Your Reviews?

The goal is straightforward – providing users with valuable, truthful information corresponding to reality. We write truthful, unbiased reviews, showing the world of crypto-casinos as it is. If a platform has problems with ergonomics or access, we do not hide it and write the truth.

How do we choose casinos for review?

When we choose a casino for reviews, we follow several criteria:

  1. The casino is actively operating (there were requests to review closed services).
  2. The casino has an active license. We conduct a license authenticity check before writing a review.
  3. We check the platform’s accessibility on different devices.
  4. We check the accessibility of the online casino on different devices: mobile phones, PCs, and laptops.
  5. We check the presence of the payment and withdrawal option “Cryptocurrency payment”.
  6. We go through registration and top up the account to verify the authenticity of the transfer of funds data. After all, if we specialize in crypto-casinos, then we choose only the best.

Do you update your reviews, and how often?

Yes, we have several proofreaders and copywriters who are responsible for updating content on the site. We also keep track of the relevance of news, bonuses, promotions, tournaments, and draws conducted by platforms and actively edit outdated data.

Can visitors to your site leave their reviews or comments about casinos?

Yes, we do everything to interact with the audience. Every visitor can leave a review or comment on the BetsCryptos platform. All users can comment and discuss games, both casinos and poker rooms. We are for forming an honest, cohesive community of gamblers from different corners of the world. You can leave your comments and respond to other gamblers, share the joys of victories, and take screenshots of your winnings.

It all depends on the nature of your dispute with the casino. Before writing a complaint, ensure the correctness of your actions. Due to a mistake or carelessness, you may have missed an essential point in the rules for receiving bonuses, withdrawing funds, or crediting funds to your account. For example, you did not consider the commission when choosing a payment method, did not play through bonus funds (therefore, you cannot withdraw the deposit), or did not pass identity verification. Contact the casino support service before leaving a complaint about the service for additional information.