Below is the editorial policy of the Betscryptos project, an independent internet portal on online casinos, crypto casinos, and the gambling world, as well as various events related to the gambling sector.

Our Commitment to Honesty

Betscryptos is committed to providing readers with the most accurate, objective, and up-to-date information. Our motto is honesty above all. We understand that our users’ trust is the foundation of our reputation, so we:

  • Regularly review and update our reviews to ensure their relevance.
  • Openly disclose any affiliate relationships so that our readers can make informed decisions.
  • Provide comprehensive information on casino evaluation criteria to make the review process as transparent as possible.
  • Always highlight the negative aspects of operations (if any).
  • Refrain from hiding what does not work correctly or has several technical issues.
  • Do not embellish the actual information. For example, if an online casino does not yet have an app, but it is stated on the site as “in development”, we will write “in development” without exaggeration and exact release dates.

This approach provides readers with only truthful information without creating false expectations or misleading them for profit.

editorial policy

Independent, Impartial Authors

Our Betscryptos editorial team consists of experts with deep gambling knowledge who work independently and provide unbiased opinions and conclusions about platforms and their quality of work.

  • Authors have no personal benefit from promoting certain casinos.
  • We carefully select authors based on their professional experience and knowledge in the gaming industry.
  • Each review results from thorough analysis, including checking licenses, terms of use, user feedback, and more.

Real-World Testing

We believe that only real usage experience can provide an accurate view of a casino, so before writing reviews or feedback about online casinos, our authors undertake the following set of activities:

  • Visit the casino website from different types of devices and OS.
  • Evaluate the quality of the site’s mobile version (if available).
  • Assess the quality of site optimization for different types of devices and OS.
  • Evaluate the quality of the mobile application.
  • Undergo account registration using different methods.
  • Undergo verification.
  • Make deposits using various methods stated on the casino site.
  • Conduct game tests, from slots to tables and live games.
  • Evaluate ergonomics and functional aspects.
  • Check bonus programs and offers.

Transparency and Honesty

The Betscryptos project strives for the highest level of openness and honesty and builds trusting relationships with users.

  • Professionals write all materials with years of experience.
  • All materials are written impartially and anonymously.
  • We do not receive funding from sponsors, brands, or individual platforms.
  • We have affiliate relationships and programs.
  • All materials created with the participation of partners will be marked with an appropriate icon.
  • Any change in the casino rating is accompanied by an explanation of the reasons that influenced the assessment.
  • In the event of a conflict of interest, we openly inform our readers about it.
  • We pay close attention to feedback and comments from our users and are ready to reconsider our ratings in light of new information.
Independent, Impartial Writers

Protecting Your Privacy

The Betscryptos project collects, processes, analyzes, stores, and uses personal information provided by users during registration. We do not hide this fact, as all information collected from users is used to improve the quality of services:

  • We are improving the quality of the services provided and the convenience of their use.
  • We provide personalized content according to user preferences, from advertising integrations to mailings.
  • We are analyzing and optimizing the site’s operation, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

All information that we collect, store, process, and use to improve the quality of services is protected in several ways, stored on separate servers, and is not accessible to fraudsters.

Collection and Use of Data

The Betscryptos team understands the role and importance of user data confidentiality. We guarantee their safety and protection. The list of data and information that we collect for subsequent processing, storage, and use includes personal information and site usage information.

  • Contact information: email, username, phone number, IP addresses.
  • Preferences: Selected games, account settings, frequent reviews, and material views.
  • User’s social networks.
  • Duration of user sessions on the site.
  • Actions on the site, including clicks and scrolling.
  • Responses to marketing campaigns and surveys.
  • The type of device used to log in.
  • The OS type used on the device.
  • The IP address used at the time of logging onto the site.

Security Measures

We understand the importance of a security system and protecting our users’ data. The Betscryptos team does everything to ensure that users’ data remains secure. To ensure the integrity and security of data, we use:

  • Modern data encryption and protection technologies, including SSL certificates and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Regularly update SSL certificates and the platform’s security system.
  • Use HTTPS protocol. It provides encrypted communication between the user’s browser and the website server.
  • Data confidentiality. Your information will not be sold, exchanged, or transferred to third parties without your consent, except as law requires.
  • Encrypting data transmitted between your device and our server.
  • Regularly update security systems to protect against new threats.
Real-World Testing

Disclosure of Partner Information

Betscryptos does not hide partnership relations with other projects or companies. Despite affiliate programs and referral links, partners do not influence the Betscryptos project. All our reviews, feedback, critiques, and other textual materials are written by independent authors interested in objectively presenting material.

We do not hide the presence of affiliate programs, links, or materials written in collaboration with partners.

Transparency of Partner Relationships

We strive for complete transparency in our partner relationships. It’s important to understand that:

  • Some links on our site may be affiliates, and we may receive a commission for registration or activity carried out through these links.
  • Affiliate relationships do not affect the content of our reviews and recommendations. We strive to provide objective and independent information.
  • We always openly indicate the presence of affiliate relationships in the relevant sections of our site.

Our goal is to provide users with all the necessary information to make informed decisions based on transparent and reliable information from our authors.All materials related to the affiliate program are marked with a special note, so readers can see this.

Influence on Reviews and Recommendations

The editorial policy of Betscryptos ensures that affiliate relationships do not influence the content of our reviews and recommendations. We strictly adhere to the following principles:

  • All reviews and recommendations are based on experience interacting with online casinos and games.
  • All content undergoes multi-stage proofreading before publication.
  • Authors must provide an honest assessment, highlighting each casino’s positive and negative aspects.
  • We strive to fully disclose all potential conflicts of interest, so our readers can make informed choices.
  • We do not delete negative comments from players and users to remain unbiased and honest with the community.

Update and Review of Policy

The Betscryptos team regularly reviews and updates the platform’s privacy policy, rules, and terms of use. This is done with regular changes in legislation, trends, and user preferences. Regular review and adjustments to the policy and rules help us improve the user experience, adapt to trends, and comply with current legislation.

Frequency of Updates

How often does Betscryptos conduct updates and make changes to its rules, conditions, and policy? We do not have scheduled for making adjustments or changes. We cannot predict when there will be changes in legislation or trends. Here are some key points that serve as starting points for reviewing policy:

  1. We conduct an audit and review of Betscryptos policy every quarter of the current year.
  2. We re-evaluate rules and policies after many user letters and comments concerning one or several similar aspects of the platform’s work.
  3. We review rules due to changes in legislation affecting financial transactions.
  4. We review rules due to changes in gambling legislation.
  5. We review rules due to changes in legislation affecting the use or processing of personal data.
  6. In case of introducing new technologies or changes in the gambling, betting, and gambling events industry.

Taking User Feedback into Account

The Betscryptos team pays due attention to user feedback, comments, and remarks. We read and verify reviews and letters from users of our site to learn about our strengths and weaknesses and improve. We take feedback into account when updating our editorial policy and other documents. If you have suggestions, wishes, or remarks, we encourage you to share them, as this helps us improve the quality of our content and service.

To leave feedback or share valuable information, you can:

  • Use the feedback form in the “Contact Us” section.
  • Call the support hotline.
  • Write to the chatbot, which is available 24/7.
  • Write an email to Betscryptos.

Feedback and valuable recommendations from users can lead to the following changes:

  • Changing approaches to evaluating and reviewing casinos.
  • Adding new sections or topics for reviews that may interest our readers.
  • Improving the transparency and clarity of our policies and processes.
  • Improving the personalization of content, offers, and mailings.

We commit to carefully considering all comments and suggestions to ensure the total satisfaction of our readers’ needs.